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To use our services on platform FoxyAD


Each of the terms mentioned below have in these Conditions of Sale FoxyAD Service (hereinafter the "Conditions") the following meanings:

  1. Announcement : refers to all the elements and data (visual, textual, sound, photographs, drawings), presented by an Advertiser editorial under his sole responsibility, in order to buy, rent or sell a product or service and broadcast on the Website and Mobile Site.
  2. Advertiser : means any natural or legal person, holds an account and having submitted an announcement, from it, on the Website. Any Advertiser must be connected to the Personal Account for deposit and or manage its ads. Ad first deposit automatically entails the establishment of a Personal Account to the Advertiser.
  3. Personal Account : refers to the free space than any Advertiser must create and which it should connect from the Website to disseminate, manage and view its ads.
  4. Customer Service : FoxyAD means the department to which the Advertiser may obtain further information. This service can be contacted via email by clicking the link on the Website and Mobile Site.
  5. FoxyAD Service : FoxyAD means the services made available to Users and Advertisers on the Website and Mobile Site.
  6. Website : means the website operated by FoxyAD accessed mainly from the URL https://www.foxyad.com and allowing Users and Advertisers to access the Service via internet FoxyAD.
  7. Mobile Site : is the mobile site operated by FoxyAD accessible from the URL https://www.foxyad.com and allowing Users and Advertisers to access via their mobile phone service FoxyAD.
  8. User : any visitor with access to FoxyAD Service via the Website and Mobile Site and Consultant Service FoxyAD accessible from different media.

Adoption of the rules (contract) of use. Terms of accommodation.

1.1 The site, content and services offered on FoxyAD.com are accepted by you without changes in the conditions of these Rules. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document, do not use the FoxyAD.com website and the services provided through it. By creating an account on FoxyAD.com, you confirm that you accept our "Terms and Conditions". FoxyAD.com may change this document at any time by updating this page. We recommend that you visit this page periodically, and familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions as this document legally obliges you. If you continue to use the services of FoxyAD.com, you automatically confirm that you accept amendments to this contract.

1.2 The title of the advertisement must be consistent with the content of the advertisement.

The title should contain brief information about the product or service offered.

Only headings in English are allowed for publication. Only the first word can be started with a capital letter, the rest of the words should be written in small letters. Numbers are allowed only if they are directly related to the product model.

1.2.1 FoxyAD.com does NOT allow headings that include:

a) Repetition of any punctuation marks, letters, numbers and other characters, as well as their combinations, which do not carry a semantic load, including but not limited to "! =?% * / | \ \

Attention! It is allowed, as an exception, ONE REPEAT of a period or exclamation point in an amount of not more than three at the end of a heading or sentence.

b) Headings that use special characters not provided by the grammar: '_ | # ^ {} and others.

c) Headings in which there are phone numbers and / or links to other sites, as well as their names.

1.2.2 Headings written in both capital and small letters. Exceptions: original brand, company, or product names.

Examples: Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia N9, Panasonic KX-T, Xiaomi MI A2, OPPO X2, etc.

1.2.3 Headings in which there are words written either in capital or in small letters.

Exceptions: only abbreviations or abbreviations of the brand.

Examples: HTC, USB, LED, TV, LG, LCD, TLC, HDD, CD, DVD, FDD, MO, MIO, MDA, ZIP, etc., but no longer than 4 letters.

1.2.4 Abbreviations of words that are not a brand, the name of the company in its original form, are written in small letters.

Examples: used, etc., and others.

1.2.5 The text of the advertisement must exactly correspond to the section and subsection in which the advertisement is placed. The ad text should not contain keywords (tags) that are not directly related to the product or service offered in the ad.

1.2.6. The contact information indicated in the text of the announcement, as well as in the accompanying images or links, must coincide with the contact information specified in the "contacts" section.

1.2.7 Links in the advertisement that lead to other web pages, as well as links to photographs in the advertisement must correspond to the subject of the advertisement, product or service provided.

1.2.8 Ads in which the price from the “Text” field does not coincide with the price specified in the “Price” field are not allowed.

1.2.9 In the main photo of the announcement (first) it is prohibited:

a) the use of motivating words, for example, “Urgent”, “Attention”, “Promotion”, “Credit”, etc .;

b) the use of images processed in special editors (for example, placing text on top of an image of a product, etc.)

Allowed: use of images in which the contact information was deleted by the editor (for example, car number)

c) the presence of contact information on the photo.

Allowed: use of the logo as the main image of the ad. If the user does not have a logo, you can use the company name or the name of the site.

The site administration reserves the right to EDIT TITLE, PRICE or block an ad in case it violates the rules.

Description of services

FoxyAD.com provides Users with access to a database that contains ads on the sale, exchange, promotion of goods and services, etc. FoxyAD.com services may include relevant advertising, which is necessary to maintain the site.

The services offered on FoxyAD.com are divided into paid and free services.

2.1 Free services:

a) Placing ads by individuals or legal entities in the database of the site FoxyAD.com.

b) The ability to change and / or delete their ads by the Site User at any time, through an account.

c) Posting ads on the Internet.

d) Simple and advanced search for ads, as well as viewing the ads of other users on the site FoxyAD.com.

e) The ability to contact other users who post ads on the site, based on the contact information provided by them, or through text messages through the site.

2.1.1 The user has the right to place once a day one free advertisement in each subsection of the FoxyAD.com website (except for the commercial advertisement). If the advertisement was deleted by the user on the same day on which it was placed, all subsequent ads placed in the same subsection during the day should be paid. The next day you can post an ad for free (provided that there are no active ads in the subsection).

Important! If you already have an active ad in a certain subsection, you must hide or delete this ad to place another in the same subsection for free.

You can place a free ad in a subsection no more than once a day, provided that you do not have other active ads in this subsection.

Example: Yesterday you placed an ad in the "Cars" subcategory (paid or free). In order to place a free ad today, you must hide the ad that you posted yesterday.

2.1.2 A commercial is deemed to be a profitable advertisement, irrespective of who submits it: a private person or company, i.e., a sale advertisement:

- goods from 3 units (for example: spare parts, tires, telephones, apartments, agricultural products, building materials, etc.);

- goods that are not currently available (on order) (for example: furniture on order);

- the provision of all types of services (transportation, car services, renting vehicles, housing (daily), maintenance and repair of computers, household appliances, tools, intermediary services for the purchase of goods from foreign sites, online stores, all types of construction work, photo and video services, celebration services, beauty salons, fitness centers, saunas, animal services, travel and entertainment services, all types of legal, accounting and advertising services, cleaning services, training).

Attention! All phone numbers used in commercials are considered commercial numbers, i.e. All ads submitted using these numbers must be paid.

The assessment of the phone's compliance with this requirement is taken by the Administration of the site FoxyAD.com. Ads that do not comply with this rule will be blocked by the site moderator.

2.1.3 A user who wishes to place an advertisement with a commercial telephone number must pay the established fee for the submission of this announcement.

2.2 Paid service:

a) Placement by individuals or legal entities of commercial advertisements in the database of the site FoxyAD.com.

b) Advertising on the FoxyAD.com website (text, image), including, but not limited to banners, PREMIUM announcements, rich media, etc.

2.2.1. The number of ads placed in one day is limited only by the amount of money in the User’s account.

2.2.2 The number of goods / services offered in one paid ad is unlimited.

User Responsibilities

The user of the site FoxyAD.com is responsible for their actions and the possible consequences of posting materials that they download and make available to other users in an interactive mode. For information and materials of any content is the responsibility of the person who posted or betrayed this information and materials on the site. This means that only the User is fully responsible for the content that he downloads or makes publicly available through the account on FoxyAD.com. The site administration does not control, but only performs post-moderation of information transmitted through the website, and does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of its content. The user is aware that when entering the site, he may encounter content that may be considered offensive and inappropriate. The user agrees not to use the site and the services provided through it for purposes contrary to these Rules.

The user agrees NOT to perform the following actions:

a) place ads in an inappropriate section or subsection;

b) place materials or announcements contrary to the law, as well as political, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, xenophobic, containing profanity, offensive language, including those that contain information of a racial, religious, nationalist or extremist nature; who incite the commission of unlawful acts, violence or cruelty; that contain discrimination on ethnic, gender or other types of discrimination; which include the advertising or promotion of demonstrations and rallies; with an erotic or pornographic context; fraud, extortion, blackmail; drug advertising; announcements containing information about another person’s private life and / or slander that infringes on his honor and dignity; Containing threats from the user to another user (individual or legal entity), both in the ad text and in messages to other users;

c) post explicit images or statements with sexual or pornographic content, or photographs that contain the company logo, trademark or contact information;

d) post materials or files containing viruses, "worms" or other programs aimed at destroying, damaging any system or information;

e) post, send by e-mail or otherwise transfer to other users any content that you do not have the right to transmit in any circumstances, in any legal system, as well as transmit confidential information received in the framework of an employment relationship;

f) post materials protected by copyright or other materials protected by legislation in the field of intellectual property, if you are not an author or you do not have permission of the copyright holder, post material, including, but not limited to using as a username on the website FoxyAD.com intellectual property protected by law;

g) to place and / or send to users by e-mail or in any other way any advertisement or promotional materials, "spam", "letters of happiness", financial pyramids, or in any other form to impose their services or goods;

h) to advertise or provide information on illegal activities, to promote physical or verbal violence or violence against any group or person, or to encourage any acts of cruelty to animals. This may include, but is not limited to providing information on how to produce, acquire or assemble bombs and other explosive or flammable materials, grenades and other weapons, or the creation of crush websites;

i) post and / or transfer personal data of other users without their consent (name, surname, name, address, phone number) or register data of other users in your account;

j) place and / or transmit by email or otherwise advertisements containing the supply of goods / services, which are considered prohibited and / or illegal in accordance with the legislation;

k) place ads containing non-existent or incorrect contact information, or contact information that the user does not belong to;

l) place announcements containing subpoenas, sale of human organs, sale of weapons without documents, magic, fortune telling, obituaries, donations, humanitarian services, services through a webcam;

m) to place ads containing advertisements for sites, publications, goods and services that compete with the activities of the site;

n) place announcements containing notifications of the sale of state awards, personal documents or forms of these documents, privatization certificates, poisons or announcements that contain characteristics and methods of using drugs.

o) place announcements for which it is necessary to have an appropriate license in accordance with the LAW “On the regulation of entrepreneurial activity by way of permission”. In this case, it is necessary to indicate in the announcement the license number and the name of the state body that issued it (employment activities for citizens within the country and / or abroad, activities for involving / enrolling students in cultural and educational exchange programs that provide for temporary paid work during the period summer holidays, arms and ammunition trade, pawnshops, alcoholic beverages, duty free trade, construction of buildings and (or) engineering services connections and networks, reconstruction, amplification, restoration, etc.);

p) publish discriminatory advertisements based on race, nationality, language, religion, gender or sexual orientation, ethnicity, social class, beliefs, age, illness, affiliation with a vulnerable group, or any other similar circumstances.

r) CAN'T post ads and / or sell products or preparations that are "forbidden" in some or more countries of the world, without having a license or document of origin of the product that must be sent to the administration of FoxyAD.com to be verified at its legality. After checking the necessary documents sent to us, if everything is fine, then your posting will be activated. 

In the list of products that are prohibited are:

  • Abortion pills;
  • Pills with narcotic dose;
  • Pills for HIV / AIDS sufferers;
  • Pills for tuberculosis;
  • Antibiotics that CANNOT be made without a doctor's prescription;
  • And other types of preparations that are prohibited without a doctor's prescription;
  • Products with high chemical content or explosive products;
  • Pyrotechnic products that cannot be purchased without agreement or that are prohibited by law;
  • Firearms or mass destruction weapons (Automatic, Revolvers, Grenades, etc.) or other products that are prohibited for sale without an authorized license;
  • And other products that contain prohibited components and / or are prohibited in several countries of the world;

Ownership of materials and information posted on the site FoxyAD.com

By posting ads on the site, the User agrees to provide permission to use the material FoxyAD.com, including: copy, distribute, transmit, publish, reproduce, modify and translate. The information posted on FoxyAD.com is considered the property of FoxyAD.com and cannot be reproduced or used for posting on other resources without the written permission of the site administration FoxyAD.com.

Relationships with companies advertised on FoxyAD.com

FoxyAD.com conducts advertising campaigns and promotions as part of its website. Correspondence, business or participation in advertizing companies of advertisers found on the site or through the site, including payment and delivery of goods or services, as well as any other conditions, terms, warranties or representations associated with such operations, are solely the responsibility of the User and the responsibility of those companies that conduct an advertising campaign.

FoxyAD.com is not responsible, and will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind arising from such relations as part of the advertising campaigns of FoxyAD.com.

Responsibilities FoxyAD.com

The FoxyAD.com site acts as a passive factor in the placement and dissemination of information provided by users on the Internet and does not have any obligation to pre-verify materials posted by users. At the user's request, the company can investigate and check the complaint against another user and determine whether to delete any information or block any ads, user accounts. In such cases, FoxyAD.com is not responsible for the users of the site. Users understand and agree that the ads are published in their original form, on an “as is” basis, and FoxyAD.com assumes no responsibility for the content of these ads. The administration of FoxyAD.com does not guarantee the accuracy, accuracy of the information published by users and does not share any opinions expressed by users.

The administration appreciates user suggestions and feedback on the quality of services. However, it should be borne in mind that the site’s policy does not allow the administration to automatically apply creative ideas, suggestions, innovations or materials other than those specifically requested.

Since the identification of users on the Internet is difficult, FoxyAD.com cannot guarantee that each user is who he claims to be. Based on this, the site administration cannot be involved in the user-user relationship, just as users cannot control the behavior of FoxyAD.com in the event of a dispute with one or more users. The site administration FoxyAD.com is exempted from any liability or damage (direct or indirect) of any kind and nature, known or unknown, suspected or not, disclosed or not, arising in user-user disputes.

FoxyAD.com has no legal obligation to verify the information provided by other users on the site. Information received from users may be unpleasant, harmful or inaccurate, and ads may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. FoxyAD.com does not assume responsibility for the accuracy in the form and content of the advertisement posted by the User on the site.

In accordance with the law on the protection of personal data, the site administration FoxyAD.com is obliged to use the personal data that the User provides about himself, only in compliance with the necessary level of security and only for the specified purposes. By filling out the registration form at FoxyAD.com, the User declares that he expressly and unambiguously agrees that his personal data will be added to the database and will be processed and used in the future.

For non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions and posting of prohibited content announcements, FoxyAD reserves the right to delete and / or block access to its FoxyAD.com platform to persons who do not comply with this regulation.

Blocking or deleting your account will be done without any written warning, be aware of what you post, FoxyAD will take measures to prevent posting for the safety of other people who may suffer from the ads posted by you.

FoxyAD.com does not want to be held liable and / or to be held criminally liable for indecent posting or harm to others.

Disclaimer FoxyAD.com

The user confirms that he has read and agrees that the site FoxyAD.com is not responsible for any losses: direct, indirect, incidental, special, including, but not limited to the lack of profit, the possibility of using the site services or other losses (even if FoxyAD.com was previously informed of the possibility of such losses) as a result of:

a) the use or inability to use the services of the site FoxyAD.com;

b) statements or any actions of third parties on the site FoxyAD.com;

c) any other issues related to the services provided by the site FoxyAD.com.

The user acknowledges that you understand and agree to the following statements:

a) the use of the services of the FoxyAD.com website is at your own risk. Services are provided on an "as is" or "as available" basis.

b) FoxyAD.com does not guarantee that:

b.1) the services will satisfy all the requirements of the User;

b.2) the services will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors;

b.3) the results that can be obtained from the use of the site FoxyAD.com and services will be accurate and reliable;

b.4) program errors will be fixed;

c) Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained as a result of using the services provided by FoxyAD.com may be used only at your own risk, and the User is fully responsible for any damage caused to the computer or other device from which access was obtained site, or for other data loss that may arise as a result of downloading such content.


The site or third parties may provide links (links) to other websites or resources. Administration FoxyAD.com does not have the ability to control these sites or resources. The user confirms and agrees with the fact that the site is not responsible for their performance and relevance. Also, the Site Administration does not give any guarantee and is not responsible for the content, advertising, product or other materials available on third-party sites or resources. In addition, the User agrees that the site FoxyAD.com will not be liable or compensate for direct or indirect damage caused, received or allegedly received as a result of the use of goods or services available through any of these sites or resources.

Service Changes

The site administration FoxyAD.com reserves the right to change the requirements in whole or in part to the content and conditions of publication of announcements without prior notice and explanation of the reasons for the changes. The user agrees that the site FoxyAD.com is not responsible to him or any third party for any changes, suspension or termination of services offered through the site, and cannot demand compensation in any form for these reasons.

General Provisions

The rules for posting ads constitute the entire agreement between the User and the Administration on the use of the site FoxyAD.com. Users can review the latest version of these rules at any time by visiting this page.

The site administration reserves the right to block ads placed on the site FoxyAD.com and users of this site without prior notice and explanation of the reasons for blocking. Similarly, in the case of an offense or crime detected in the actions of the user, the Administration may notify the competent state authorities with the provision of relevant information about the user who has violated the law.

This Agreement is the only agreement between the User and the site FoxyAD.com, which governs the use of the resource and its services, and is the main document regulating the relationship between the User and the Site Administration (including, but not limited to the previous version of the Rules).

Using the feedback service

Review - the subjective opinion of the user FoxyAD.com about the account of another user FoxyAD.com. The opinion of the author of the review may not coincide with the opinion of the site administration. The administration is not responsible for the content of the review and does not verify the review for authenticity.

The moderator has the right to block reviews with errors or profanity, as well as not containing descriptions of the product / service or experience interacting with the author of the advertisement. Comments and reviews containing advertisements or any other offers of a commercial nature will be deleted from the site. The administrator / moderator of the project has the right to delete reviews / comments / photos uploaded by users without explanation.

If the user of the account does not agree with the content of the reviews on his page, he can disable the service and refuse to use it. Leave and receive reviews can only those users who have enabled this service for their profile.

Administrators reserve the right to disable reviews for the account without explanation.

Modification of these terms

FoxyAD reserves the right, at any time, to modify all or part of the Terms and Conditions.

Advertisers are advised to consult the Terms to be aware of the changes.


If part of the Terms should be illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the provisions in question would be deemed unwritten, without questioning the validity of the remaining provisions will continue to apply between Advertisers and FoxyAD.

Any complaints should be addressed to Customer Service FoxyAD. Or you can send us your reviews and complaints regarding these Terms at the email address: terms@foxyad.com

Updated 17.01.2021